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The Australian and New Zealand Association of Bellringers was formed in 1962 to promote the art of change ringing in our two countries. There are currently around 350 members who ring at more than 70 bell towers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Non-ringers might like this introduction to bellringing.

Ringers and potential ringers can contact our association's office bearers or local towers and ringers.

Updated: 22 May, 2024

vale Philippa Lamphee

Philippa Lamphee

Born 19/03/1930. Died 11/05/2024.

Philippa Lamphee was a stalwart of Adelaide Bellringing. She was a ringer for over 60 years, and rang three peals, all in Adelaide, one each at St. Andrew's, St. Peter's and St. Cuthbert's (the first on those bells). From the 1970s until the early 2000s she rang 200 quarter peals, including inside to four spliced Surprise Major and 11 mixed doubles.

Philippa was a nurse in the Ophthalmology Department at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, was a keen grower of Geraniums and Pelargoniums, watched birds, and raised cats.

As a parishioner at St. Andrew's, Philippa was the Tower Captain (and clock winder) for many years. In mid 2017 Philippa relinquished the Tower Captainship. However, she continued to ring, mostly at St. Cuthbert's with its 3 steps down, rather than the then very steep ladder up to the St. Andrew's ringing chamber.

When it was suggested to Philippa that she give the Church Council a heads-up that they would need to find some money to rehang the bells at some point in the next 10 years, Philippa's response was to provide a major portion of the required funds herself. The new frame, refurbishment and rehang of the St. Andrew's bells in 2019-2020 is largely due to Philippa and the love that she had for her church and bell-tower.

The bells were rehung in November 2020 and Philippa was one of the first to ring the re-installed bells. This turned out to be the last time Philippa rang a bell. Since then Philippa was a "social ringer", joining us for various gatherings and celebrations. Her cheery disposition will be missed at future ones.

Ringing in celebration of Philippa's life.

Matthew Ball

vale Yvonne McDonald

Valerie Stone

Yvonne McDonald , secretary of ANZAB from 1987 to 1989, was a ringer at St Paul’s Geelong for many years.

In 1981 while St Paul’s bells were at Whitechapel for retuning and restoration after a long period of silence, Yvonne answered a call for new ringers. For months she travelled from Geelong to St James Old Cathedral (Melbourne) for training.

She was among the local team that rang the restored bells for the first time at the re-dedication service in July 1982.

Yvonne was a regular and enthusiastic member of the local team. She set an example to our other learners with her enthusiasm and energy. She shared her unique techniques for learning, such as stepping out the blue line while walking the dogs.

Yvonne loved children and was always ready to relieve parents of the chore of driving them to and from both local and state practices. She loved cooking and provided our team with cookies and cake at every practice. One memorable occasion she chaperoned several of our teenage enthusiasts on the overnight train to Adelaide for an ANZAB meeting.

Yvonne had severe arthritis and balance issues and as these progressed she found it impossible to continue to ring, but she always maintained a strong interest in all that our team achieved.

Her last years were spent in a nursing home and she died on 20th April 2024 at the age of 96.

Many towers have their own 'Yvonnes'. They may not achieve great things in method and peal ringing, but their service is of great value in maintaining a team spirit among ringers in many country towers around the ringing world.

Mary Heyes

NZ Training Weekend

ringers in front of mini-ring
From left to right: Christopher Jarman, Mary Sluter, Frank Sluter, Derek Williams, Mandy Spearing, Terry Spearing

Another very enjoyable Two Island Cluster (TIC) event was held in Wellington. It started with two days of handbell ringing and a quarter peal to celebrate the 90th birthday of Daniel Richards, former Wellington ringer, and the 75th birthday of Terry Spearing. Photo above.

The TIC continued with several more quarter peals and practices of splicing 1-2 lead end and 1-6 lead end methods. We also rang some ‘treble jump’ methods – really difficult, but good fun to try!

Two of the Wellington learners attended and had some good practice on the mini ring.

Obviously, the weekend included many coffee/tea breaks and meals and other refreshments! Thanks to the Wellington ringers for hosting, and Derek Williams for organising.

Mary Sluter
15 May 2024

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ANZAB CPR Training and First Aid Assistance

ANZAB offers funding to all towers for ringers to train in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid, to a maximum of two ANZAB members per tower. Each tower is also being offered a free poster providing details of CPR.

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Updated: 23 May, 2024

Naramburn. St Leonard's
No practice 23 May.

Sydney. Christ Church St Laurence
Service ringing 5:15-6pm 30 May.

Burwood. St Paul's
No practice 30 May.

Melbourne. St James' Old Cathedral
No practice 12 July.

Updated: 19 May, 2024


28 May
Sydney. NSW-ACT Branch Practice.
Venue: Christ Church St Laurence

7-10 June
ANZAB 2024 Festival and AGM.
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15 June
Lithgow. NSW-ACT Branch Practice.

28-30 June
Melbourne. Intermediate Ringing Course.
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23 June - 100th anniversary of Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix (Goulburn)

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