Thanks to all participants at the sessions 11, 17, 18 and 19 January, 2014. There was a later session on 25 January.

How to hold a rope

Oriana Zanon and Deryn Griffiths discuss the finer points of teaching handling, working with Lachlan O'Grady

Sydney Ringing School 2014 Dinner

Ringers and Family relax at the Sydney Ringing School dinner

Two successful quarter peals were rung on 19 January, one a first inside for Norma Cother (Orange), and the other a first in Stedman Triples for Lois Beaton (Armidale).

Thanks to ANZAB for financial support which assisted many ringers from country NSW and the ACT attend. By the end of the school we will have had 30 trainees participate, 18 from outside Sydney, assisted by 10 Ringing Masters and approximately 20 other ringers.

Deryn Griffiths