Fourteen ringers, half of them from NSW/ACT towers outside Sydney, signed up for an intensive long weekend of Plain Bob Doubles. Julie Doyle from Canberra, Richard Laing from Melbourne, and about 30 Sydney ringers helped fill in for quarter-peals, general ringing sessions, running theory lessons and providing coaching in handling.  St James' Queen’s Square hosted sessions all weekend. Thanks to Marylon Coates for spending the whole weekend there. St Leonard's Naremburn and St Mary's Cathedral hosted a couple of sessions each.

Six successful quarter peals were rung as part of the school, but the general ringing sessions and service ringing were equally as important.

Rob McAlary had a breakthrough in his rope sight whilst trebling for a quarter-peal.

Peggy Carpenter found out what a quarter-peal was:

Sydney Ringing School quarter peal band

Tony Farmer covered for his first quarter-peal:

Sydney Ringing School quarter peal band

Sheen Snowdon practiced her hunting in a quarter-peal.

Tricia Gemmell rang her first quarter-peal as cover and we were honoured to dedicate it to a nephew of Marylon Coates:

Sydney Ringing School quarter peal band

Geoff Bursill rang his first quarter-peal as treble:

Sydney Ringing School quarter peal band

Thanks to ANZAB for financial support which assisted a ringer from country NSW to attend. Thanks to all participants for their time and enthusiasm.

Deryn Griffiths