Some words about the January 2016 Sydney Ringing School

We had 12 registered learners with a waiting list.

Helpers got an opportunity to ring Stedman Doubles and Triples, Plain Bob Minor, Cambridge Minor, Grandsire Cinques and Plain Hunt on 12. Many also expressed their satisfaction in assisting the learners and watching their progress.

The learners had many achievements:

  • Zoe Woodard and Fiona Brown visited a tower other than their home tower for the first time
  • Kim Quinn rang a touch of Stedman Doubles with confidence
  • Sue Snepp rang her first quarter-peal
  • Tony Farmer got to try a method from an inside bell for the first time
  • Many ringers got to try different bells to their usual for Plain Hunt or Plain Bob Doubles
  • Many got to hear and ring rounds on 12 for their first time

Deryn Griffiths

Images from the January 2016 Ringing School.

Ringing School participants January 2016

Some of the participants at the January 2016 Ringing School
(image courtesy Peter Harrison)

A theory session at St James Queen Square

In Theory - at St James Queen Square
(image courtesy Anneke Ryan)

Practice at St James Queen Square

In Practice - at St James Queen Square
(image courtesy Anneke Ryan)

Reflections on the January 2016 Ringing School

Will Ryan (helper):

I loved being able to do things which I wouldn’t usually do, such as standing behind a learner, conducting call changes, and ringing Grandsire Cinques from the 9 at St Mary’s!

Fiona Brown (learner):

I rang at three towers over the weekend and had great instructors at each and met other ringers from around Australia. In the company of other learners I was able to relax and hear my bell and try leading for the first time. It was wonderful to be able to attend so many practice sessions over the weekend. I look forward to attending more ringing schools in the future.

Kin Mun Kan (learner):

The most memorable part of the Ringing School for me was ringing at various towers and meeting up with other fellow ringers. The rounds on 12 bells at St Mary's had to be seen and heard to be believed. My biggest achievement was ringing a new inside bell for Plain Bob for the FIRST TIME!

Deryn Griffiths (helper and organiser):

I really enjoyed the theory lesson I led, with people exchanging lots of good ideas about how to keep track of whether they are hunting up or down. And my highlight was not needing to ring around to find people to fill in during the ringing school. The program was pretty well fixed by Friday evening.

Sue Snepp (learner):

The opportunity to hear the 12 bells at St Mary's and have the opportunity to take part was fantastic - an experience I will remember. My first QP was also very special. It included Ron, who first started to teach me, and many other encouraging ringers.

Geoff Bursill (learner):

I was hoping to improve my bell handling skills and gain confidence in ringing a touch of bob doubles. I got practice in listening for my bell, following the rhythm, holding bells to balance point on both hand and back stroke. I rang the treble for Bastow Little Court Doubles to reinforce my leading and making seconds. I rang the treble to Penultimate Doubles, practising hunting to 4th place and back to lead. I got experience ringing in different towers. I rang as part of the band for other learners. Now that's a confidence booster! And I rang a120 of Plain Bob Doubles with only once losing my place but managing to get back into place. As the sessions drew to a close I felt that my confidence and knowledge had improved greatly. The friendliness, patience and camaraderie from everyone at each session was wonderful.