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The Australian and New Zealand Association of Bellringers was formed in 1962 to promote the art of change ringing in our two countries. There are currently around 500 members who ring at more than 65 bell towers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Non-ringers might like this introduction to bellringing and to follow the instagram page 'AUS/NZ Bellringing'.

Ringers and potential ringers can contact our association office bearers or local towers and ringers.

Updated: 13 August, 2022

Ringing for Funerals new

two ringers fitting a muffle to a bell

Traditionally, ringing for the dead was divided into three parts, the passing bell, the death knell, and the corpse bell.

The Passing Bell was rung to warn of an impending death. The Death Knell was then rung as soon as possible after the death. Finally, the Corpse Bell was tolled at the time of the funeral. This final bell is the one most generally still in use today and consists of very slow tolling (often one blow every 30 seconds), often the number of blows rung represents the age of the deceased.

Other commemorative ringing for the departed can either be fully open, 'in celebration of the life' of the deceased person, or half-muffled 'in memory'.

This is one section of the page Ringing for Special Occasions which was recently added in response to questions from new Tower Captains. Thanks to Richard Offen for the content.

Bells Hung in Darwin new

Bell and crane

Bell and crane

Working with local builder, Eugene Scaturchio, we (Jim and Ron) have the bells in their frame at St Mary's Star of the Sea War Memorial Cathedral, Darwin.

The bells were lifted to the roof of the church (left) and into the bell chamber through a tiny access door, with the bigger bells having only mm's of clearance (right).

More information and photos are available here. These new bells are in addition to the existing four electrically rung bells.

Jim Doyle and Ron Shepherd,
4 August 2022

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Renew your Membership

Renewal notices for most members have been sent to ANZAB towers. Notices for unattached members will follow shortly.

If you were a financial member in 2021-22 and are continuing in 2022-23 please make sure that you sign up to be a member of ANZAB Limited, if you haven't done so already. You can check this by logging on to the members' section of the ANZAB website. Look for the myANZAB section and click on the "myANZAB Ltd Membership" link. This will confirm if you are a member of the new company, and give you the opportunity to apply if you haven't already.

There is a different application procedure for members whose subscriptions have lapsed and who are renewing this year. Your tower contact can advise you on how to do that.

Once your subscription is processed you will see an update to the information available from the "Show" link.

The new link "Nominate a new Member" is available to full (Ringing) Members of ANZAB Ltd, and allows them to nominate new members in accordance with the ANZAB Limited Constitution.


Sydney Ringing School 2022

Sydney Ringing School, October 2019
  2019 Sydney Ringing School participants

The 2022 Sydney Ringing School will be held on the October long weekend, Friday 30th September to Monday 3rd October 2022.

The Ringing School is designed for ringers from any isolated NSW/ACT tower and any other ringers working on anything from rounds and call changes to ringing inside for their first doubles method (plain course or touch).

Applications are now open, and will close on 26th August 2022.

Ringing School Organiser

Register for 12-bell weekends now

2019 12-bell weekend in Perth

Please register for the next two 12-bell weekends, in Sydney October 2022 and Wellington Easter 2023, as early as possible, by emailing .

Subsidies are available for accommodation. Closing dates for applications for subsidies are 7 August (Sydney) and 7 October (Wellington).

See the 12-bell weekend page and Ringing Towers for more information about the weekends, the dates, whether they for you, and the subsidised accommodation available.

Phil Goodyer
13 July 2022

Safeguarding Guidelines

ANZAB CPR Training and First Aid Assistance

ANZAB offers funding to all towers for ringers to train in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid, to a maximum of two ANZAB members per tower. Each tower is also being offered a free poster providing details of CPR.

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Updated: 12 August, 2022

Christ Church St Laurence, Sydney. Practice cancelled 16 August.

Visitors are advised to check ahead at all towers due to COVID-19 health restrictions and related changes to ringing times.

Updated: 9 August, 2022


9 August
WA Surprise Major Practice.
Venue: Perth, St George's

15 August
NSW-ACT 12 bell Practice.
Venue: Sydney, St Andrew's

20 August
WA Branch Practice.
Venue: York, Holy Trinity

21 August
Sydney. NSW-ACT Branch Meeting.

27 August
Ringing Masterclass.
Venue: Bathurst, All Saints'

30 September - 3 October
NSW-ACT Branch. Sydney Ringing School.
More information

8-9 October
Sydney. ANZAB 12 Bell Weekend.
More information

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14 September - Maori Language Day

This is a very selective list in an ANZAB context. See also the CCCBR's list for events and anniversaries, and's peal and quarter peal lengths for appropriate compositions.

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