image of St Mary's Cathedral, Darwin

Bells for Darwin

Bells for Darwin, NT

The bells at Taylor's Workshop

The six bells for St Mary’s Star of the Sea Cathedral Darwin are on display in Taylor’s Workshop for the Heritage Festival on the 11th September. The following week the bells and fittings will be put in a crate ready for their trip to Darwin. The bell frame is being manufactured by Steel Supply in Narellan NSW and should leave for Darwin the same week.

Ron Shepherd, September 2021


The tower at St Mary's Star of the Sea War Memorial Cathedral contains four heavy electrically rung bells at the top of the tower. The tower itself is empty except for two spiral stair cases, which limit floor space. It is planned to install a ring of six bells in the top chamber and ring the bells from the chamber below. The back four bells were donated by the Keltek Trust and the two trebles donated by bellringers. The contract to carry out the bell work is being undertaken by Taylor’s Bell Foundry and the bell frame and installation is being carried out by locals. The tower and Cathedral are very strong, both having survived cyclone Tracy. The tenor weight will be 5.5 cwt. All the bells were cast by Taylor’s Bell Foundry.

Ron Shepherd, April 2021

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