Gender-based statistics

In 2018, almost half of ANZAB members were female. However, in ANZAB quarter-peals only 38% of ringers were female, and in our peals only 25% of ringers were female. If you count people who conducted at least one quarter-peal, 22% were female, but they called less frequently than men, and only 8% of ANZAB quarter-peals were conducted by women. None of the 19 ANZAB peals in 2018 had female conductors.

Key figures are shown below. The data is based on AGM reports, reports in Ringing Towers and on BellBoard, guessing gender based on name where necessary.

heatmap showing key figures from tables
The stronger the red, the poorer the partipication figures for women.

If people can add to these statistics please contact the

Woman ringing